Wahm is a community website dedicated to metal music. Users can create a profile to access all the site and exchange messages with other users. They can create pages for their bands of businesses. Therefore we need to collect information to identify them and to be sure that one may admin and use one’s rights properly.
The information collected also prevents from creating multiple profiles.
Personal information is available by its owner and may be changed anytime.
This personal data cannot be traded, sold or transmitted to any third party. It is not part of our policy to sell this data.
The only exception could be for legal or technical reason. In case we are requested by a legal court, we may have to give information. For technical reasons, if required data may be used by reliable sofwares (but not for commercial use).
IP related information may be used by our site for convenience reasons: bands, venues or dating suggestions but they are not stored anytime.
WAHM may send emails to users in order to notify them regarding what happens on wahm.rocks only. Emails options are available on their account and they can choose not to receive emails anymore.