SLIPKNOT has "another 15 songs that didn't make the cut" for new album
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30/07/2019 17:45 - Published By Wahm Team

Shawn "Clown" Crahan was recently interviewed by Kerrang! and talked about SLIPKNOT's writing process.

He explained that SLIPKNOT has now in store a lot of material that won't be released on new album "We are not your Kind"

He said:

"Did we know that this was going to be the album? No. No one knows.

There's another 15 songs that didn't make the cut. There's at least 7 or 8 songs that are recorded, with vocals, that did not make this album. There's so much material, but all that material whittled this down to its anomaly, and to its presentation."

An about those 15 songs:

"Usually you take your collection of records, and you make an album. So we have a bunch of records, and we have to basically decide which ones of those records can make up a thought process known as We Are Not Your Kind."