PHIL DEMMEL: SLAYER saved my career
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25/03/2019 01:00 - Published By Wahm Team

When Gary Holt had to take days off to take care of his father, Kerry King texted Phil Demmel and offered him to join SLAYER for several gigs. SLAYER was then ending their tour in Europe.

Phil Demmel recently declared to MusicRadar:

I think Slayer saved my musical career in some way. In under 24 hours,

I went from the last day of a tour wondering whether I was even good enough to be in

bands any more, to this mind-blowing text from Kerry King asking if I could play in Slayer

I guess the reason I’m in this position now is because of the people I had met,

almost from a networking standpoint.

I knew the guys in Slayer before I got that text.

If being a session player is the route you want to go down, I would say avoid getting too centrally focused on one style. Watch that Netflix movie Hired Gun – everyone they talk to explains how session players are there to do whatever the artist wants.

You have to play what you are expected to"