HELLYEAH "Welcome Home" New Song Video
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19/05/2019 02:00 - Published By Wahm Team

"Welcome Home" is new song and title track from HELLYEAH's upcoming album.

Their 6th album will be available on September 27.

HELLYEAH recently announced that they recruited Roy Mayorga on drums to replace Vinnie Paul.

Chad Gray (vocals) explained about Mayorga:

"He's been rehearsing six hours a day for a month and a half... He's just helping us carry this torch for Vinnie Paul. And that's his job. He's such a brother, though, man, he's such a beautiful human being.

We had a very short list of people, and it was just, like, nobody can sit on that kit that didn't respect who Vinnie Paul was and vice versa. And we nailed it.