Dez Fafara (DEVILDRIVER) about new album "This is the Best Record I've ever been a part of"
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15/06/2019 15:46 - Published By Wahm Team

In a recent interview conducted by Heavy Australia, Dez Fafara has given a few details about DEVILDRIVER's upcoming double album:

"We've written 20 songs. The record's done. It's in the can. The first one's coming out next year; the second one's coming out the same month in 2021.

This is the best writing I've ever done in my entire life. This is the best record I've ever been part of in my entire life. If you're a COAL CHAMBER fan, if you're a DEVILDRIVER fan, you're going to get both of the things that I do within this. I broke all the rules. It's heavier; it's darker; it's hookier. He said

Somebody from the label said the other day, 'I couldn't even tell it was DEVILDRIVER, it was so different. I said, 'That's a good thing.

A lot of the bands and the brands that I started with or brands that I'm alongside of, they write the same record over and over and over and they're wondering why their fans are getting less and less. It's because they don't venture out.

They don't try to break any ground. We're breaking all the ground; we're breaking all the rules with this next record.

I think people are going to just fucking love it. There's not a sellout bone in my soul, so there's nothing written for the radio. It's all true art, and people are going to get something that's full of expression. It's going to be bad-ass...

When we set out to record this double record, we definitely set out to break boundaries — like, 'What have we not done?' 'Let's write a song that's way faster than that.' 'Let's write a song that's slower and groovier than that.' 'Let's start with a chorus first. We've never done that.'

We tried to break every boundary that we ever had in order to give the listener something authentic and something different.