DEVLDRIVER: New album recorded
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03/04/2019 02:00 - Published By Wahm Team

DEVLDRIVER have announced today that they have finished recording their upcoming album.

This album will be released later in 2019 but the date has not been revealed yet.

It's their first Studio album since "Trust No One" (2016) except "Outlaws 'Til the End" released in 2017 and made of country covers.

Regarding their new album, frontman DEZ FAFARA:

"It would be the record of our career. This will be record that other artists judge us, as well as themselves, on once they hear this.

I'm gonna jump in my pool and fucking swim and wash all this away! I left everything on the table. If this was my last, I would be proud to go out like this!"

But also, FAFARA said that DEVILDRIVER fans will get new material every year:

"You're gonna get a record in 2019, and you're gonna get a record in 2020, and that's the way art should be…

We're not gonna rely on this three-to-four-year-plan that bands are doing.

It used to be where you had to go away for a year in order to let the fans catch up to you and this and that, and it is not that way anymore. You need to get art out and you need to be out in everyone's face and you need to be touring, and we're getting ready to kick that up in a big way."