Corey Taylor about his new mask: "I will never change it, because it bothers so many people"
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11/06/2019 00:00 - Published By Wahm Team

SLIPKNOT already benefit from a massive buzz for their upcoming album.

Indeed, a lot of people are getting mad about their fucking masks.

One of Corey Taylor's fan wrote on his Instagram page:

"I love how much your mask is seriously wrecking heads. Personally, I like it. You've achieved what you set out to do….fucking loving it!

Corey Taylor then answered:

"That's exactly why I'll never change it, because it bothers SOOOOOO many people."

And in an interview conducted by Kerrang!, he explained:

"I'm reminded that even though you want the best for people, sometimes you'll get the worst. I've been kind of made to feel like a villain, in a weird way. Which is fine. It was inevitable, and it doesn't really bother me much.

But, for a little bit, it did. I've always tried to be a good father, be a good man,

be a good person.

I went through some shit a few years ago, and in that time a lot of people had a reversal of opinion on who I was. Maybe it was because they were tired of hearing my name , which is so fucking true, even I get to the point where I'm tired of hearing my own fucking name.

He goes on:

"I said, Okay, if you want a villain, you'll get a fucking villain.

My vision was about trying to create something uncomfortable ,not only for me to wear, but for people to look at.

I wanted it to feel like it was something that was created in someone's basement,

something that was made specifically to fuck with people.

It's the representation of public opinion turning on a dime, they want to tear people down for the way they live, even if they don't really know them. It's been liberating to embrace that side and be, like,

Fuck you. I really don't give a shit what you think about me, so here's this!

2019 is definitely Corey Taylor's year, we just hope that his balls feel better