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Illusion Of Choice

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«Illusion Of Choice» - a debut album by Russian gothic/extreme metal band Svartstorm, that has already stated its presence with mini-album “Scars Instead Of Wings” and successful single “Dead Town”, dedicated to Chernobyl disaster in 1986. The newest effort contains 9 songs that are the result of a so common for the band combination of extreme and melodic musical origins. Here you can hear piano interludes, heavy blastbeats, catchy choruses and melancholic melodies – everything that can gain the attention of a dedicated listener. The lyrics make you think about life and if it’s ways are chosen by us of someone else? Seeking the beauty in repellent, crippled souls craving for salvation or retribution, the edge of live and death, deliberate standing against the world – all of this you can hear in Svartstorm’s songs. As it’s told in one of them – there are too many ways, but it is too late to choose.

Recorded in 2013-2016 @Metalhearts (Saratov, Russia)

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