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Iskusstvo Voiny (The Craft of War)

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Warcraft, Orcs & Humans, Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal, Reign of Chaos, The Frozen Throne, World of Warcraft, comics, books, action figures... and now a movie!

By now you should have already understood that there was absolutely no way for Efes to neglect this extremely inspirational and beloved universe of Warcraft. Thus, Efes proudly gives you FS PROJEKT's brand new special single "Iskusstvo Voiny" (The Craft of War). This is a highly aggressive high-gain alloy of 'elves vs orcs' binary metal and 'alliance vs horde' extreme and clean vocals! So bang your heads!

Efes: music, lyrics, arrangements, guitars, bass, samples, production, keyboard sound design

Oleg Mishin: vocals, production, keyboard sound design
Paweł "Pawulon" Jaroszewicz: drums
Evgeniy "Zhenk" Belousov: extreme vocals
Mikhail Trubetskov: sample processing
Choirs: Oleg Mishin

Electric guitars, bass & samples recorded at: FS-Studio // Efes
Drums recorded at: JNS Studio // Paweł Janos Grabowski
Vocals, extreme vocals & choirs recorded at: O.M.-Studio // Oleg Mishin
Keyboard sound design made at: O.M.-Studio // Efes & Oleg Mishin
Samples processed at: EOL Studios // Mikhail Trubetskov
Electric guitars & bass reamped at: CosmosStudio // Arkadiy Navaho & Efes
Mixed & mastered at: Navaho Hut Studio // Arkadiy Navaho

Artwork & Graphic Design
Concept: Efes
Artwork & graphic design: Pavel Kurbanov (Pavel Kurbanov Design Studio)

1. Iskusstvo Voiny (The Craft of War)

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